Roulette European

If the perpetual engine existed, it would undoubtedly be round. Why are we at Wolf Spins casino so confident in this statement? Thanks to a beautiful legend. It tells a story that approximately 370 years ago, the French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal ventured to create a unique device not bound by the laws of thermodynamics - a perpetual engine. It worked hard and long, tried many methods and approaches, and in the end, what remained is what we, from the heights of passing years, call a prototype of roulette.

Years passed, the prototype evolved, and it finally reached its pinnacle on the site in the form of the European Roulette by BGaming.

Roulette European Review

Game Info *

Provider BGaming
Theme Classic Roulette
Reels N/A
Pay lines N/A
Stakes Range £1 – £50
Max Win N/A
RTP 97.3%
Volatility Med
Release date 02/04/2016

How to Play European Roulette

The game involves several steps to reach an inevitable conclusion: win or not win. Some of these stages are optional, but we'll outline them anyway:

  1. You can marvel at the exquisite design of European Roulette. A polished, expensive table, elegant digit fonts, and, of course, their red and black frames. "It's like mathematics became a work of art!" Pascal might exclaim.
  2. Ponder your first bet. What would the French philosopher choose? Surely, a number long rooted in his heart - 19. "It reminds me of the infinity and mystery of the world."
  3. Watch as the ball with a click jumps across the wheel's surface. Its small world spins as if it's not just a game element but the planet itself. "The laws of nature don't stop around us, no matter what!"
  4. Where did your ball stop? Is it 19, and is the infinity you sought in numbers coming to you as a win? Or is it one of the other divisions, and apparently, fate doesn't always follow numbers?
  5. Either way, it's time to decide: continue playing or stop.

Roulette European (BGaming) Features

A few facts about this remarkable game in BGaming's rendition:

  • It's classic in every sense—in mechanics and design. Three dozens of numbers, one zero, and a green canvas on the table.
  • You have various bets available that are permissible in this form of entertainment.
  • The slot is equipped with the Provably Fair feature. With it, you can check any of your results at any time and ensure that the casino did not influence which number came up.
  • The game also boasts beautiful graphics and pleasant music.

European Roulette RTP & Volatility

High RTP (97.3%) and medium volatility make it one of the best indicators for a roulette slot. Expect frequent and fair payouts.

European Roulette Conclusion

This game carries such weight not only in the gaming industry but throughout human history that recommending it is almost pointless. And here's a paradoxical thought that comes to mind: centuries go by, and the roulette wheel keeps spinning. It seems to us that Pascal did succeed after all.

* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

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