Big Buffalo Megaways

Wolf Spins Casino invites you to the territory of wolves, foxes, eagles, and other majestic inhabitants of the Big Buffalo Megaways slot. In this journey, your guide through the wilderness will be the Megaways conductor. Renowned for making any adventure more thrilling and unpredictable, altering the number of ways to win with each step. Views around you will constantly change, and the ways to win will fluctuate, reaching a phenomenal 117,649.

Big Buffalo Megaways Slot Review

Game Info *

Provider Skywind Group
Theme Prairie, Buffalo, Animals
Reels 6
Pay lines 117649
Stakes Range £0.2 – £200
Max Win x5,000
RTP 96.5%
Volatility Med
Release date 17/06/2021

How to Play Big Buffalo Megaways

Playing this slot should be an experience, relishing its atmosphere created by a combination of meticulously designed details and a stunning soundtrack. Various images will flash before your eyes, with the most beautiful and profitable described below.

  • Lynx

    A master of camouflage, capable of leaping over 3 meters and pursuing prey over long distances.
  • Fox

    Renowned for high intelligence, cunning, adaptability, and stress resistance. They can even play dead to confuse pursuers.

Multiplier for Lynx and Fox (2 to 6): 5 / 20 / 40 / 75 / 100.

  • Wolf

    Known for a strong sense of family bonds and developed territoriality, living in packs, forming a cohesive team.
  • Eagle

    Possesses strength, keen eyesight, and claws, significantly aiding in hunting.

These creatures multiply your bet by a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 125.

  • Buffalo

    A pair of these sacred animals to many Native American tribes rewards the player with x20 the stake. A herd of 6 heads enriches you by 150 times.
  • Less lucrative card symbols become payable in quantities from 3 pieces, multiplying your bet from 5 to 60 times.

Big Buffalo Megaways Features

Everything can be fast in this game. 

  • Don't want to wait as the prairie constantly lays out a new solitaire of opportunities before you? Press the acceleration button, and it will seem as if you're no longer swaying in a creaky stagecoach but racing with the wind on a wild mustang.
  • Lacking patience to await the bonus game? Pay an increased tax to the local treasury, take the reins into your own hands, increasing the chances of starting a new level of fun by 50, or even 100%.

Big Buffalo Megaways RTP & Volatility

With medium volatility and an RTP of 96.5%, the slot promises decent and quite frequent rewards.

Big Buffalo Megaways Conclusion

Besides its captivating mechanics, the slot appeals because many aspects of it a player can control. Many, except for one... The accrual of winnings. Just imagine:

  • You land a substantial reward.
  • Golden, ornate Wild West-style letters gleam: BIG WIN or even MEGA WIN.
  • Gold coins swirl in the background, and blue diamonds sparkle.
  • The counter accrues and accrues the reward amount... And it seems like an eternity has passed, yet nothing can be done.

But is there a need to do anything? Hardly, seeing the sight of money accruing to your account is unlikely to ever bore even the most restless prairie traveler.

* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

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