Legacy of the Tiger

Playtech Origins invites all users of the Wolf Spins Casino service for a stroll along the path of well-being. This intricate route begins at the edge of a dense palm grove and winds its way into the depths of the jungle. According to legend, the descendants of the great Tiger tribe live here, and sometimes the spirit of the tiger itself appears. There are also rumors of unimaginably rich treasures with gold... Perhaps just fabrications to attract more tourists. Although, what if it's true?

Legacy of the Tiger Slot Review

Game Info *

Provider Playtech Origins
Theme Jungle, Gems, Tiger
Reels 5
Pay lines 50
Stakes Range £0.1 – £450
Max Win x10,000
RTP 96.59%
Volatility High
Release date 20/08/2020

How to Play Legacy of the Tiger

So, you've handed over 20 coins to the trail servant and ventured into the forest:

  • A few workers play cards right next to the beginning of the trail. You see them paying each other for combinations of 3 to 5 cards:
    • Q, J, 10: 2 / 4 / 20
    • A and K: 2 / 8 / 32
  • Toucans dance on branches, and crocodiles snap their teeth in the swamps along the roadside: 2 / 8 / 40
  • Snakes slither in the foliage of trees: 2 / 12 / 40
  • Orangutans shrug their shoulders, and Tigers roar, peeking between the bushes: 4 / 20 / 60
  • You realize you've come close to the end of the trail when you start noticing the faces of jungle inhabitants: 20 / 200 / 1,000

Legacy of the Tiger Features

The sign that will guide you to the reward is the full moon. It's so bright that it seems to be surrounded by fire. Perhaps the brightness is the reason why it seems that the moons in the sky suddenly become larger. If their number reaches a minimum of six, you've arrived where you need to be:

  • Now you need to collect as many simple moon symbols as well as symbols of these celestial bodies with keys:
    • The first will bring you money.
    • The second can pave the way to the prize stash.
  • You have three attempts to search for each moon.
  • If everything goes well, you can enter the treasure trove and discover one of the rewards with the following multipliers to your trail entry payment:
    • MINI: x20
    • MINOR: x100
    • MAJOR: x500
    • GRAND: x2,000

Legacy of the Tiger RTP & Volatility

The higher the RTP, the more attractive the slot becomes to players, as it implies better chances of winning. This exploration of uncharted jungles offers an RTP of 96.59%, surpassing the average across all slots. With high volatility, there's also a chance to land significant wins, making your journey more thrilling.

Legacy of the Tiger Conclusion

If you happen to have a free minute during your stroll, stop, close your eyes, and listen. Appreciate the quiet music, reminiscent of the intertwining sounds of the tropical forest, the murmur of streams, the rustle of insect wings, and distant drumming... or perhaps it's just raindrops falling on broad palm leaves. Who knows, maybe this moment will seem to you the greatest treasure of these wild jungles.

* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

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