11 Enchanting Relics

We invite you to explore the enchanting world of 11 Enchanting Relics, a captivating slot game brought to you by All41 Studios. With 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 paylines, this game takes you on an extraordinary journey filled with the search for fortune and attempts to capture this elusive mistress. 

Immerse yourself in the fantasy atmosphere as you encounter mystical symbols like potions, scrolls, amulets, and other relics. And don't forget about the magical and captivating melody that accompanies your every spin.

What to expect from this game:

  • Stunning graphics
  • Vibrant colors
  • Intricate details
  • Visually appealing experience 

And the Epic Strike scatter jackpot is simply indescribable! That's why you definitely have to explore the realm of ancient artifacts and treasures yourself, where luck and adventure await you.

11 Enchanting Relics

Game Info *

Provider All41 Studios
Theme Magic, Fantasy
Reels 5-3
Pay lines 25
Stakes Range £0.2 – £25
Max Win x10,000
RTP 94.23%
Volatility High
Release date 20/02/2023

How to Play 11 Enchanting Relics

To start playing 11 Enchanting Relics, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Familiarize yourself with the game settings, rules, and symbol combination payout table.
  2. Adjust the gameplay to your preferred comfort level.
  3. Set the bet that you wish to wager. You can adjust your bet size at any time on the slot control panel.
  4. The journey into the magical realm begins with a simple click of the spin button on the right side of the screen.

That's it. You have officially joined the ranks of adventurers seeking boundless wealth!

11 Enchanting Relics Features

There are a few notable features worth mentioning: 

1. Epic Strike scatter jackpot feature: Any jackpot is an explosion of emotions, but this one can only be compared to a fireworks mishap involving open flames. The main reward in this jackpot is obtained by landing blue orbs 'enchanting relic'. The win ratios based on the number of "scatters" symbols landed on a single spin are as follows: 

3 scatters - 1x stake
4 scatters - 5x stake 
5 scatters - 15x stake
6 scatters - 40x stake
7 scatters - 100x stake 
8 scatters - 500x stake
9 scatters - 2,000x stake
10 scatters - 5,000x stake
11 scatters - 10,000x stake

2. The second part of the fun lies in the process of collecting Enchanting Relic Scatters, which can trigger the Epic Pick feature. In this mode, you face a challenging choice among 15 doors hiding regular or special symbols. To complete this little quest with the coveted prize, you need to find one special symbol.

11 Enchanting Relics RTP & Volatility

The game's volatility is high. 

The RTP stands at 94.2%. This can be characterized as an average parameter in the online casino industry. However, the game compensates for this value with its high entertainment value.

11 Enchanting Relics Conclusion 

11 Enchanting Relics is the top-rated slot game suitable even for the most discerning players. It's difficult for us to say what impresses us more: the gameplay or the winning opportunities. We highly recommend playing it. If, for some unknown reason, you are still hesitant, start with the demo version. You can always proceed to play with all the monetary features and unlock the secrets of this mesmerizing slot.

* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.