The Magic of Bingo Begins Here

At our Wolf Spins casino, anything is possible. Even bingo online!

We offer online bingo on 75, 80, and 90 balls, as well as a variety of traditional game variations. Explore our unique bingo games available exclusively here. We are confident that you will find your favorite bingo game variation. 

Perhaps you have never played bingo before?

We have great news for you: A sea of fun awaits! 

  • Firstly, the process of playing an online bingo game is filled with anticipation and excitement. You mark off numbers on your card, hoping that the next number called will be the one you need to win.
  • Secondly, bingo is often played in a group setting, creating an atmosphere of competition, interaction, and enjoyment. You can chat with other players, celebrate their wins, and share your own successes.
  • Finally, the moment of victory, when you have marked off all the numbers on your card, brings genuine joy and satisfaction.

We hope that you will have the opportunity to experience all three of these mentioned experiences.

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Game Details

Let me quickly tell you what to expect in this game and what the basic rules are. Besides the obvious rule of gambling that says: "Try and you may win."

So, are you ready to play bingo with Wolf Spins? Here's everything you need to know about online bingo. Get your dabber ready… 

To play this wonderful club game, you don't even need to leave your home or intentionally go to a club.  You can freely and comfortably play bingo online on our website,

What do you need first?

1. Purchase tickets in advance


2. Join live games instantly.

The sequence of actions during the game will be roughly as follows:

  • You buy bingo tickets with numbers.
  • The online program randomly draws numbers. 
  • Your ticket will be automatically marked when a number matches.
  • You win by completing a line or getting a full house. Some games offer additional rewards, such as four corners or two lines.
  • The program notifies you of your win, which can be claimed instantly.

Bingo with Different Variations

Bingo game in the UK have several variations and forms, each of which differs slightly. We won't tell you about all the versions, but we will share information about the rules for the three most popular online bingo games: 

  1. 75-ball Bingo is a traditional game with a 5x5 grid. To win, you need to mark off a full row.
  2. 80-ball Bingo is faster-paced, thanks to a 4x4 grid and various winning patterns.
  3. 90-ball Bingo is popular worldwide. Complete one or two horizontal rows to win. The main prize is awarded for a full house. 

Learn the rules of the bingo version you choose on one of the best bingo sites, Wolf Spins, and join the large online community of bingo enthusiasts who love this wonderful game.