Classic Blackjack

Blackjack is a game where you compete with Wolf Spins online casino to get the closest sum of points to 21. Experienced players will nod in agreement, saying they’ve been there and done that. Beginners will start asking questions: 

  • What obstacles await us? 
  • What paths will lead us straight to the goal? 
  • How not to “overrun” the coveted number and what to do if it happens?

Read the answers to all these questions in our detailed review of the Classic Blackjack slot from the meticulous and nuanced developers of the Microgaming team in cooperation with Switch Studios.

Classic Blackjack Card Game

Game Info *

Provider Microgaming, Switch Studios
Theme Card Game
Reels N/A
Pay lines N/A
Stakes Range £0.1 – £1,000
Max Win x100
Volatility N/A
Release date 29/12/2021

How to Play Classic Blackjack

How can we describe Blackjack vividly?

This game can be compared to a race to the finish line: 

  • You and the casino run on a track, where there are cards with numbers from 1 to 11. 
  • You can pick up these cards and add them to your hand, to increase your speed. 
  • The goal is to reach the finish line, which is at the mark of 21. 
  • If you overrun this mark, you are out of the race.
  • If you stop earlier, you risk losing to the casino, which can run further and closer to the coveted goal.
  • If you reach the finish line first and you have an ace and a picture or a ten in your hand, you get a special prize of blackjack.

Classic Blackjack Features

There are also a couple of important points:

  1. Participation in the race is paid. 
  2. The value of your trophy depends on the amount of the bet you make before the start of the game. 

Here’s how the payout is calculated in case of a successful achievement of the finish:

  • 1:1. 

Condition: You beat the dealer by having more points or by the dealer busting.

Example: If you bet £100 and won, you get £100 on top.

  • 3:2.

Condition: You beat the dealer with a blackjack combination, that is, an ace and a card worth 10. 

Example: If you bet £100 and won with blackjack, you get £150 on top.

  • 2:1.

Condition: You made insurance in case the dealer has blackjack, that is, an ace and a card worth 10.

Example: If you bet £100 on insurance and the dealer had blackjack, you get £200 on top.

Classic Blackjack RTP & Volatility

The RTP and Volatility of the game are not defined.

Classic Blackjack Conclusion

Let’s sum up:

  • Have you realised that it’s important not to follow your desire to grab a bigger piece? 
  • Will you try to think through each of your game decisions?
  • Do you understand that there is no point in being upset if someone else tore off the finish flag, because luck is a fickle lady who quickly changes her favourites? 

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you are one hundred percent ready for the race for victory in blackjack on the Wolf Spins online casino website. Good luck!

* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

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